About Xhaos

Xhaos is a San Diego based rap artist and businessman. He now calls Oceanside home, and he hates writing in third person. Originally releasing music under the pseudonym Chaos, I have since changed the spelling to Xhaos, as there are thousands of other rappers named Chaos, and it was impossible to find me, so please don’t steal my rap name. Stylistically, my lyrics delve into life, love, and the grind, with a strong use of double entendre’s and multi-layered rhyme schemes. 

I consider myself the American Dream, personified. I thought I would be a lawyer for most of my life, but ended up dropping out of law school in 2016 after only one semester. Everybody (my mom) was disappointed. I have since established myself as an entrepreneur with 6 businesses in the San Diego area—7 if you include my rap career. My very first business was a liquor store in downtown Oceanside which opened up the door to several opportunities thereafter. Musically, I love to rhyme as much as possible—and I mean as much as possible.

I focus strongly on lyricism and much of my work is conceptual, although I believe I have something to offer every listener. More than anything, I just want to make people feel something; anything. Whether I inspired, made you happy, sad, excited, or evoked an emotion from the depths of your soul, I consider that a musical success. I appreciate each individual who listens, shares, and enjoys my story. I want to instill in my fans the desire to think big, and I believe big goals are only achieved through risk and dedication. Go out there and Gamble Your Fate.